GP185 Camera Kit

All Dome3D immersive camera kits are now shipping with Hero4 Black cameras!

For fulldome theaters with resolutions 2K and under, Dome3D has created a powerful, affordable 
fisheye camera solution.  Based on the Hero4 Black, the GP185 camera captures a stunning 
185 degrees with a resolution of 2100x2100 @ 30 fps and can now go underwater!

This high quality fisheye video system puts the ability to create custom fulldome content into 
the hands of every dome operator and producer at an unbeatable price point.  Shoot, post, 
dome, it really is that simple!  This camera is as close to a one step fulldome live action 
capture solution as there is.
GoPro185 H4 - our third generation single fisheye lens camera system.