Navegar Software

Navegar Software distributed by Dome3D LLC
Dome3D is a reseller of Navegar software.   The Navegar software ranges from the stand alone DomeView package to the Fulldome Plugin for Adobe After Effects CS3 and up for both MAC and PC.  Contact us for pricing and further details.
DomeView, a real-time tool to preview and project dome content.  It's a tool that enables the user to see and test dome content on the computer screen, projected in a spherical surface. A 3D model can be imported, e.g. a planetarium, for a clear view of a true environment. The user can freely change its viewing position and look in different directions, both inside and outside the dome.
Fulldome Plugin for After Effects converts the standard rectangular workspace to a spherical workspace. This allows the user to produce content for spherical screens, such as planetarium domes, which can occupy all 180°x360° of the spectator field of view, or even the entire 360°x360.
These products were developed by Navegar Foundation, in collaboration with the Computer Science Department of Oporto University.