Dome3D Team



Matthew Mascheri

President & C.E.O.



Matthew is an award winning fulldome artist, programmer, producer and President & CEO of Dome3D LLC. Prior to founding Dome3D, he received his B.A. from Columbia College ('99) and was the Producer and Director of Digital Design at the Adler Planetarium in Chicago.  Matthew brings his passion for art, programming and computer skills to the field of immersive media production.




Samuel Mascheri





Sam received his Bachelor's Degree in Accounting and Finance from DePaul University in 1972.  He has extensive knowledge of finance, HR operations and IT .  Prior to joining Dome3D Sam was the Vice President and CFO at National Finance Associates & Chicago Diversified Foods.




Michael Narlock

Art Director



Mike is the Art Director at Dome3D.  He is responsible for guiding the look and feel of virtually all Dome3D projects.  Mike received his Master of Science in Physics from Michigan State University.  Mike also serves as the Head of Astronomy/Exhibits/Web Coordinator at Cranbrook Institute of Science, and is an Adjunct Professor of Physics & Astronomy at Lawrence Technological University.  Michael was also the host of the Slooh Radio talk show "The Event Horizon."




Jason Heaton

Lead Artist




Jason is the Lead Artist at Dome3D.  He is our resident 3DS Max guru.  Jason earned his B.A. in photography and computer animation from the University of Dayton.  Jason is also the Director of Astronomy at the Dayton Society of Natural History.




Jason Mascheri

Production Assistant & Artist




Jason is the Production Assistant and Artist at Dome3D.  His roles range from wrangling video equipment in the field and stitching immersive videos, to assisting with sales and booth operations at trade shows.  Previous to working at Dome3D Jason was the Visual Marketing Manager at N.F.A. LLC.




Michelle Troik

Operations Manager




Michelle is Dome3D's Operations Manager.  She keeps the crew on task and ensures that things are organized.  Michelle has a BA from Northern Illilnois University and an Masters of Education from St. Xavier University.