Holidome Clips


Fulldome Holiday Content
Dome3D is in the process of creating holiday themes clips called Holidome Clips.  Holidome Clips will include fulldome sequences for New Years Day, Valentines Day, 4th of July (US), Halloween and Christmas.  Dome3D can even custom tailor Holidome Clips for your theater or location.  Holidome Clips can be licensed individually or as a full Holidome Clip set.  We will also be making seasonal clips with no holiday ties.  
Our first Holidome Clip - Halloween Cave is now available for licensing.


Scary Cave.


Scary Cave is a fun and wild 2 minute fulldome ride through a mysterious underground labyrinth. Giant skulls and flowing lava greet viewers, as numerous passage ways lead to the door of mystery. Scary Cave is the perfect spooky experience for the Halloween season, or just as fun treat for any part of the year. Scary Cave is suitable for most audiences and comes with licensed music, or add your own spooky sounds. This fulldome program was produced by Dome3D and is part of Dome3D's Holidome Clips series.

Winter Wonderland

Take in the festive winter season with a trip around the Winter Wonderland.