Our Partners
Evans and Sutherland
Evans & Sutherland is the world’s first computer graphics company and has developed and advanced computer graphics technology for almost four decades. Focusing primarily on digital planetariums and digital cinemas worldwide, E&S is now the world’s only turnkey provider for a complete digital theater.  E&S is also a distribution partner of SpacePark360.
Kolor develops image-stitching software, virtual tour software and 360-degree video software, and offers a selection of the best equipment for panoramic photography and video. Dome3D is a partner and re-seller of all KOLOR products.
VideoStitch produces stunning 360° and high resolution panoramic videos. VideoStitch is not only amazingly fast, it is packed with features to get the best of your panoramic video rigs.  Dome3D is a partner and re-seller of VideoStitch products.
Loch Ness Productions
Loch Ness Productions is an innovative company that features the talents of several of the planetarium community's "stellar attractions".  Loch Ness Productions is also a distribution partner of SpacePark360: Geodesium Edition.
Producer of the SpacePark360: Geodesium Edition music, Geodesium is a blending of the words "geodesic dome" and "planetarium" describing the environment which gave birth to the space music of Mark C. Petersen.
Sky - Skan Inc.
Sky - Skan designs and installs the world’s top fulldome planetariums and visualization theaters. Their products and services range from Definiti digital fulldome theater systems to fulldome content, project management, theater design, and related hardware and software.  Sky - Skan is a distribution partner of SpacePark360.  
Carl Zeiss offers a comprehensive and highest-quality range of systems for optical-mechanical and digital dome projection.  Zeiss is also a distribution partner of SpacePark360.
Discovery Dome Europe
Discovery Dome is the very latest projection system for small to medium digital dome theaters.  Discovery Dome mirror projection offers both a superior and affordable alternative to expensive fisheye projection systems.  Discovery Dome is also a distribution partner of SpacePark360.
Dome3D is proud to be an Inegrator for the Elumenati.  The Elumenati are a design and engineering firm creating innovative solutions for immersive visualization.
360Cities hosts, commissions and has developed the largest and fastest-growing collection of immersive, panoramic images on the web.  Dome3D has partnered with 360Cities to bring the entire 360Cities library to immersive theaters